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Friday, July 29, 2011

From "Hare's Heart" by Darren Harrington

Hare's Heart“I want to buy him a race car bed” Brittney said as she plopped down next to her husband on the couch. They had had this conversation at least ten times and Steve gave her the same answer he always did “ He’s not big enough he would just get out of bed and cry at the door all night.” She changed the subject “can you try to not get him so excited right before bed” Steve looked at with faux-hurt “What? How are we supposed to play and stay calm he’s just a baby.” Brittney sighed “I know it’s just so hard to get him to lay down and watch his movie when he’s so worked up.” Steve decided to let it go he knew she was right but it was their time and that she would never take it away from him. they settled into their evening together “ we have a lot of shopping to do tomorrow” Brittney reminded him in case he forgot Steve knowing his wife and knowing that this was something he couldn’t change her mind about just said” I’m ready.” 

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