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Friday, July 29, 2011

From "A Spy At Home" by Joseph M. Rinaldo

A SPY AT HOMECIA agent Garrison, having lost his wife to a tragic accident, writes in his journal his concerns about what will happen to his disabled son Noah if he dies before Noah does:

Note To Reader:

    Since you’re reading this, I’m dead. I worked for the CIA. I don’t know how much spy stuff will be in this book. The important thing is that royalties from this book support Noah, my son. He was a surprise, but not the kind of surprise you’re thinking.

    I was too chicken to release this while I lived. Most people tell stories using themselves as the hero. I’m certain you won’t conclude I’m any hero. I hope you don’t hate me. My excuse for not presenting this during my lifetime was National Security.

    Thanks for the money. You paid me a lot of dough over the years for my salary, and one big lump sum, which you’ll hear about. Don’t worry; nothing you’re going to read will put American agents in danger. Most governments I helped create or defeat have no one left alive who can figure out my identity…

    Some of you might recognize this story from newspapers in Nashville. I’m the guy who shot his wife. You’ll hate me for shooting someone who gave so much to the world. I hate myself for it…

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