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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

From "Kindred Spirits: Book One: An Unexpected Love" by Roger Delray

Kindred Spirits (An Unexpected Love)Her cry of pain, as the back of the attackers hand struck her across the face,  shook him from his thoughts, his conditioning and forethought were all for nothing. Suddenly, the woman on the ground was no longer a stranger as a million memories rushed through his mind, igniting hundreds of years of a simmering, bitter rage.

Moving fast thru the darkness, the man never had a chance to even see the red glow of his eyes, nor the extended fangs before he felt strong hands lift him to his feet.  The cold fear was yet to register on his sweaty face and before he even fully felt the pain, he heard a commanding voice ask,  “Was this what you were trying to present to the lady?"

As he fell to the ground, the man’s eyes reflected his understanding of the fact that the balance of power had rapidly shifted. As the life began to fade from his eyes, he realized he would never rape again as he saw what was held in the bloody palm of his attackers hand.

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