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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

From "The Royal Sheikh" by Katheryn Lane

The Royal SheikhSheikh Rafiq, a rich international playboy, has lured Clare, a young English architect, out into the desert in the Arabian Gulf:

They speeded off into desert and Clare could feel the hot wind against her face and bare legs.  After several minutes riding, she began to get used to the lumbering motion of the camel and loosened her grip on the Sheikh’s arm.  He yelled out again in Arabic.  The camel stopped and dropped to its knees, making Clare resume her tight hold on Rafiq’s arm.  He stepped off the camel and grabbed her around the middle.  His large hands almost spanned her waist.  He lifted her off and for a brief moment it was as if she was floating on the hot desert air.

She could smell salt in the air and was sure that she could hear the quiet lapping of waves breaking on the shore.  She looked around and could see a deserted beach behind her.   The moon had come out and it cast just enough light for her to see it reflected off the sea.  It was beautiful.  She wondered if he brought all of his women here.

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