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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

From "Tenderfoot" by Amy Tupper

TenderfootMeet Andrew:
Up next was the girl who should have been cut two days ago. She began to run and started the pass, tumbling over, then fell out of it. She caught herself on her feet but since she was going backward, the speed pushed her toward the fencing mats. In that moment, everyone watched the slow motion train wreck. Her perky smile morphed into a look of horror. There was a collective gasp as she flew into the fencer wearing the black cross as he advanced toward his opponent. Somehow, he seemed to have some idea of what was happening. He dropped the foil and rolled forward into a somersault. The girl went over him, yet when he came out of the roll, she was somehow cradled in his arms. Astonishing!
For the longest moment, all that could be heard was his labored breathing and her heart fluttering like a small wounded bird. Then the sounds of whoops and clapping filled Fetzer Gymnasium as coaches moved closer to assist. The fencer stood up and helped the girl to her feet. He lifted off the mask that covered his head.
It was him!

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