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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

From "Two weeks of solo travel in Greece: a Pakistani girl's diary" by Aliya Anjum

Solitude is silence, when one can hear the whispers of one’s own heart, and I lent an ear to them.  I was surrounded by the endless expanse of the sea, as I sat at a spot where there was no one in close range.  The sun was preparing to dive into the sea.  I decided to take photographs of the various subtle nuances of the waves.  The sun then sank down touching the mountains and blinding my eyes with its brightness.  The hues of light that formed a halo around it, were a shade of pale pink whereas a pale blue sea reflected the dying rays of the sun as a bright white column of pearls, sprinkled on the sea waves.  As the sun took a nose dive behind the mountains, the entire sky turned a shade of yellow with hues of orange, casting the most ethereal orange shadow that adorned each blue wave.  It was a sight to behold.  I sat there soaking up the enthralling natural beauty that had enfolded itself before me.

It was quite facile to see what had made Nafplio the proposal capital of Greece.

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