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Thursday, July 7, 2011

From "Tomorrow's Guardian" by Richard Denning

Tomorrow's Guardian (Hourglass Institute Series)A pair of ‘Walkers’ (time travellers) travel back in time to 1879 to rescue a British officer about to be killed in battle with the Zulus...

“Look out, Tom!” yelled Septimus and the voice freed Tom from his paralysis. At once he knew what to do. He charged towards the Zulu, then, just before the spear point reached his body, he Walked through the void, shifting himself a few steps forward. To the Zulu it must have seemed as if Tom had vanished and then reappeared behind him.

Confused, the warrior spun round and as a result, he did not see Septimus approaching until the Welshman’s fist was crashing into his face. The time traveller leapt over the Zulu, who had collapsed like a sack of potatoes, and sprinted on after Tom.

Tom could see Dyson, but was still yards away when a score of Zulus closed in on the Lieutenant. Their spears went back ready to strike him down. Tom shifted himself ten yards forward in an instant. Reappearing in front of the startled officer, he grabbed the man’s jacket and shifted them both another dozen yards into a nearby tent. A split second before he Walked them both, Tom felt a hot pain in his side as a spear point ripped into his flesh. Then they were gone, reappearing inside the tent.

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