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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

From "The Crimson-Eyed Dragon" by Delyse Trink

The Crimson-Eyed DragonIt was a dragon figurine with red eyes and wings spread out for flight. Jared was entranced, dragons ranked right up there with his interests in sword and sorcery. The statue was about a foot high and maybe two feet across in width but it appeared solid and heavy so Jared took great care picking it up to examine it more closely. It was fascinating to Jared with its intricate etchings and mottled appearance. The silver was blackened in its deep grooves but that made it all the more beautiful. The eyes glowed like precious jewels and the dragon’s features looked majestic. As Jared carefully turned the statue over to examine its underside one of the eyes fell out. Jared’s reflexes were quick and he managed to catch it before it hit the ground. He looked around quickly to see if anyone had noticed his predicament but everyone in the shop was otherwise engaged.

Jared swiftly righted the dragon and examined the empty socket. The lighting in the shop was dim so he couldn’t make out exactly how it had been attached. He tried pushing the ruby-coloured orb into the opening but it only fell out again when moved.

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