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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

From "Fatal Exchange" by Russell Blake

Fatal ExchangeTess Gideon, iconoclastic female NY bike messenger, is being hunted by a rogue nation's hit team as well as a serial killer who is stalking the bike messenger girls...

Police cars blocked the alley on East 123rd Street. The NYPD had seen it all, but this was a strange one even by their standards. Female, mid-twenties, Hispanic, cause of death unknown, stuffed into a dumpster behind a Cuban Restaurant. She’d been there at least one night, possibly two. It wasn’t pretty—the rats had gotten to her.

They’d run prints and were waiting for a preliminary ID, but who knew how long that could take? Her eyes had been cut out, she’d been scalped, and her breasts were gone—cut off, crudely but efficiently. Sex crime? No indication of rape. Trying to make a routine murder look weird? Anything was possible.

The forensics team was carefully swabbing her fingers, going over the scene, as the detective in charge spoke with their director, Amy Silva.

“What do you make of it? Psycho? Boyfriend trying to fake a crazy? Or a girlfriend?” Detective Ron Stanford had been with Homicide for nine years, and in that time had seen enough death for a whole career. He enjoyed catching the bad guys, but hated the bodies.

Especially the girls. And really, really especially in summer, when it got hot and decomposition was almost instantaneous.

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