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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

From "Drinna" by Jared Gullage

DrinnaDrinna hopped up and down on her uninjured foot, and peeled the ant off her leg. The ant’s sharp feet scratched her, and Drinna nearly gagged as she watched the ant’s long tongue slowly come out of her leg. She threw the ant as far away from her as she possibly could and raced for the house. She knew it was wrong, that the ants were feeling her movements and coming towards her, more so with every step.

Her ankle was already swelling from the poison the ant had injected. She tripped and fell in the sweet grass.

More of that eye-and-nose-burning stench attacked her face. An ant came crawling onto her arm, another on her back. She could feel their legs, their tiny feet digging into her skin. The one on her arm opened its mandibles and its pink proboscis stuck out towards her. She snatched the ant off and rolled over the one on her back, swatting it until it fell off, taking some of her leaf shirt with it.

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