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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

From "Unhinged" a Story in "Just 4 Chills" by Dan Barbier

Just 4 chills“They removed my clothes. I can’t move, my wrists and ankles are bound. They’re sticking long needles in me. God IT HURTS, they’re sooooooo long. One of them is coming with some kind of knife like object. It’s not a knife but I feel it’s going to cut me.

And he does. I see an opening in my stomach but there’s no blood coming out. There’s another coming towards me and he’s pouring something in my wound.”

“Does it hurt Sarah ?”

“No that’s the only part where I don’t feel anything.”

“Can you tell me what they look like ?”

“Sarah, can you tell me what they look like ?”

“They… They have cat’s eyes.”

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