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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

From "Ephemera" by Jeffery M. Anderson

EphemeraNester is kidnapped by Tex, the mysterious man who has been following him...

     The truck appeared to be a relic from a long forgotten age of vehicles. It had an old cassette tape player and vinyl seats, dials in front of the driver instead of digital displays, windows with hand cranks and lap belts with no shoulder harnesses for safety. He desperately wanted to open the glove box and see what treasures lay within. The cowboy reached inside the sport coat he was wearing and produced an ancient cell phone, something from the last century in the early days of cell phones, it even had a little antennae he had to pull out as he flipped it open. Deftly, he pushed a button and put it to his ear. “Yep, baby’s in the basket. See you soon.” He closed the phone and rolled down his window. Nester was about to ask if he could have a look at it when the cowboy side armed it out of the pickup into the countryside. He picked up the paper sack from the diner and tossed it into Nester’s lap.     

     “Start unwrappin’ burgers, pard.” A hand shot toward him, which he reflexively shook, not having time to consider whether one should shake hands with one’s kidnapper.     

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