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Monday, August 15, 2011

From "Galaxy Girls" by Edie Ramer

Galaxy Girls“They’re searching for us.” Ki grabbed Phyrne’s T-shirt above her breasts. “They know we’re here. Someone is coming for us.”

“Who?” The neckline of Phyrne’s T-shirt cut into the back of her neck, the sidewalk scraped her legs and a small stone stuck into her left knee, but she kept her gaze on her normally stalwart aunt. “President Riald?”

Ki shook her head, even as Phyrne realized how stupid it was to think Riald would come himself. He would send others to take them back.

Or he would send others to kill them.

Kergeron males didn’t let their possessions go lightly. They took, they used, and they destroyed.

“I don’t know who’s coming.” Ki’s voice sounded far away, and Phyrne held her tighter. “It feels like more than one man. Whoever it is or how many, I sense danger.” Ki’s eyes turned milky white, and something shifted inside Phyrne. Something she hadn’t felt for nearly six years.
 Something she had hoped never to feel again.

She was ovulating.

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