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Monday, August 15, 2011

From "Fall Leaves and the Black Dragon" by Erik Gustafson

Fall Leaves and the Black DragonTwo young men have broken into and climbed a water tower....

We were in trouble.

The sound of the wind shifted and we heard a tremendous whoosh.  I realized right then that the dragon was circling the water tower.  I knew the massive, jet-black dragon was zeroing in on Kenny and me.

“It’s the dragon,” I spoke the words flatly and stood.  I had never announced the coming of the dragon to anyone before.  We had to get down and get down fast.

I felt the panic grip me. My half-smoked cigar fell from my hand, hit the tower and slid down the side.

The dragon had us trapped.  At that point, pretending this circling dragon was a hallucination was ridiculous.  Climbing down the ladder was suicide. The dragon could easily burn us off the ladder if we tried to climb down. Staying on top of the tower and trying to do god knows what was also a ridiculous idea.

“Where is it?” My attention was in the skies.  Soaring silently through the air I found the outline of the dragon, wings spread as far as they could go, gliding effortlessly.  Circling still, obviously tormenting us rather than attacking.

Kenny said, “Let’s open the hatch.”


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