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Friday, August 19, 2011

From "Helper12" by Jack Blaine

HELPER12I was originally tracked as a Breeder. I still have the mark—that’s the only reason I know. They tried to remove it, but whoever was on shift at the laser shop that day didn’t do a fabulous job. Even though it was done when I was very young, you can still see a part of the B underneath the H they tattooed over it; the skin there is pale, taut scar tissue. I don’t know what went wrong— whether they just found out my initial results were skewed or whether I didn’t do well on the next level of Breeder tests. I just know that when I was still a toddler, they removed all my Breeder parts, and sent me to train as a Helper. Baby Helper12, WQ Pre Ward, Complex 9C. That’s my full title. But they just call me Helper12.

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