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Monday, August 22, 2011

From "Final Deceit" by P.I. Barrington

Future Imperfect Book One: Crucifying AngelLVPD Chief Charlie Bowman discovers his Homicide Detective Gavin McAllister dead...

"Dispatch, can you hear me?" Charlie's voice rang through the command center hushed and sounding odd as if something stunned him.

"That's affirmative, Chief."


"I want something that can carry something… horizontal out."

"Sir, I'm not sure I understand. You want some way to bring something out of the crater?"

"Let me talk to him!" John Long yanked the earpiece out of the dispatcher's ear and pressed the talk key. "Charlie, I want you to get the hell up here now! This is completely uncalled for -- you are wasting the city's money by putting yourself in unnecessary danger and I won't stand for it! What the hell do you want to bring up from this catastrophe?"

A long silence hung in the air.

"My homicide detective, Gavin McAllister," Charlie said, voice cracking. "I'm not going to have him dragged up there like a side of beef. Now, you rig me up something that will carry him up with some dignity, if you still know what that is, John."

No one bothered to look at the mayor.

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