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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

From "In Space No One Can Hear You Rock!" by Jonathan Davison

In Space No One Can Hear You Rock!As the galaxy looks on with anticipation, Johnny delivers a message to the people of the alliance in a language that is universal and compelling...

Beginning slowly and carefully, I was sure to use long, wavering notes. I closed my eyes and allowed my feelings to commandeer my conscious mind. Without effort of thought, my fingers found their own paths up and down the fretboard. They explored every fret, lovingly caressing the grain of the wood beneath. As the emotions of the last few years of my life were channelled through to my finger tips, unexpected tangents were taken, the tired old stock licks were abandoned in favour of new and exotic phrasing. The death of my father, Marty's humiliation and demise, the support I received from Bryony and of course her touch, her smell, her spirit. All of these things welled up inside of me and manifested themselves into the most organic, flawed but perfect melody I had ever conceived. As the intensity of my music created a kind of feedback loop on its own emotion, the singing, howling, wailing notes began to bore deep into the psyche of all those who listened. I did not need to speak my pain to be understood, billions of listeners across the vacuous expanse of space could feel every iota of anxiety, excitement and tenderness that I had experienced in my short life.

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Jonathan Davison said...

Thanks for posting my snippet. It really does not represent the style of the book as it is a bawdy sex/romantic/sci fi comedy but this snippet is part of the finale when our hero Johnny must play his heart out like never before! Hope you enjoy!

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