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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

From "Versistasis" by Jason Jowett

VersistasisAbout a reflection over an ex-boyfriend, from the heroin on her honeymoon...

“This condensed vibration, shaped like a demonic incursion over the tribulation of marriage, was Natasha’s pride and joy to overcome. She thought of him; she thought of the love of him when she glimpsed something; it had reminded her of Damien, somehow, something of hers that he had treasured. Shortly before uniting with her husband, this which would bind all of their victories, she thought gracefully for him. Then that thing she had recognised, the thing the Party would recognise too, they would take. They would take it from the physical realm and place it elsewhere by the inter-dimensional crossroads, also like a thing on the table. This loss in time-space would come to be noticed eventually, and that knowledge then led the Party to the route that was forbidden, where they would blockade the way that was leading to Great Suffering”

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