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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

From "Into The Light" by Darcia Helle

Into The Light
The moment when Max, a recently murdered spirit, meets Joe Cavelli, a private investigator and the only person who can hear Max:

A sizzle slipped down the spine he no longer had. The next thing Max knew, he was in the Charger's passenger seat, looking straight at the curly-haired man. How had that happened?

The man stuck the shift in drive as Max said, "I'm right here! Hey!"

All the color drained from the driver's face. Max experienced a twinge of guilt. He didn't mean to freak the man out but desperate times called for desperate measures.

"My name is Max," he said. "Max Paddington. I need your help."

"This isn't happening," the man mumbled.

"Yes, yes it is! I'm dead. I need your help!"

"Dead. A dead guy is in my car."




"And you need my help."

"Yes! You're the first person who could hear me. Wow! What's your name?"

"Joe," he said. "Joe Cavelli. This isn't happening. I am not talking to a dead guy."

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