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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

From "A Dozen Deadly Roses" by Kathy Bennett

A Dozen Deadly RosesShe snuck another glance at him.  His gaze surveyed his surroundings, just as he’d taught her to do five years ago.  This is too weird.  Now I’m his training officer.  I wonder if he feels awkward, too?  She decided to clear the air.

“I think we should discuss the shooting,” she said.

“What’s there to discuss?  You were a hero, and I lost my job.”

“And you blame me for that?”

“No.  But I don’t want to talk about it either.”

Jade bit her lip in frustration.  “That’s just great. I remember how well it worked for you to hold in your feelings a few years ago.”

Her partner didn’t say anything, but instead focused his attention out his window.

Mac’s appearance may have improved over the years but he still solves his problems the same way, Jade thought.  He ignores them.  The last time he was so shortsighted, it turned him into a drunk.  I wonder how long it will be before he crawls back in the bottle.

Then a horrible thought struck her.  Now that he was apparently sober, what if he’d remembered the other thing that happened five years ago?  What if he’d returned to the LAPD to tear her life apart?

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Mia said...

Ooo, definitely moved this one up the TBR pile. (sigh) I need to be able to read and write and pay bills. Blasted day job for interfering with the first two, and enabling the third!

Great snippet, Kathy.

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