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Thursday, August 18, 2011

From "Legend Unborn" by David.G Welsh

Legend Unborn, The Key of Souls - Book 1As they were just about to pass one another, the human suddenly stopped, turned to Flyfar and in a deep, powerful voice said, “Fly you fool! Fly!”

Flyfar jumped with fright and squawked which to him was, “Arghh!”

Flapping his wings as fast as he could, Flyfar raced down the path, flying over boulders, around trees and in-between the legs of a very surprised cow that gave him an indignant “Moo”. He flew faster, the ground rushing by in a blur as his eyes watered in the wind, not used to being under such conditions.

As he flew, Flyfar started feeling something swell up within him that was a completely new experience. He suddenly realized that he was actually enjoying this, he was starting to feel the thrill of careering through the air, his body built for this very thing as his muscles tensed and relaxed, making him into a bullet-shaped pile of feathers.

He leapt into the air and flew down the path. The old human watched him go and muttered to himself, “Bloody idiot. Wouldn’t have had that problem back in my day. Now, where did I put that damned ring?”

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