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Friday, August 19, 2011

From "Legends of Tsalagee" by Phil Truman

Legends of TsalageeThe villains, Red Randy and Threebuck, have gone on a moonlight raid to a barn where they’ve been led to believe there’s an artifact which will help them locate the Lost Treasure of Belle Starr...

“What are you doing?” Randy asked. He’d reached the shaded side of a tractor parked in the barn yard, and squatted looking back. Threebuck stood frozen in the moonlight.

“Did you hear something?” Threebuck whispered.

“Hear what?” Randy whispered back, irritated.

“Sounded like a bear or something.”

“You’re plum spooked. Ain’t no bears out here. Now come on!”

At the barn door, itself in deep shadow, Randy lifted a latch piece, and slid a bar back along its guide. He stopped when the metal screeched. Looking back, he waited. Only a few chickens inside clucked; Randy slid the bar further. One of the large doors swung outward, creaking softly. The men looked furtively about again, then slipped inside. Shafts of moonlight filtered in through cracks on the moonlit side of the barn speckling the contents and the dirt floor inside…most of the interior lay in inky shadow.

“Give me the flashlight,” Randy whispered to Threebuck. There was a palpable pause. Randy snapped his fingers and said again, “C’mon. Gimme the flashlight.”

“I thought you brought it.”

Randy whisper-swore at Threebuck. Turning back to feel his way forward, he kicked a galvanized bucket sending it careening noisily into a stall post.

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