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Thursday, August 25, 2011

From "M.O.D." by J. C. Allen

M.O.D.Scott and Sheila head the FBI's Florida task force, where M.O.D. has been leading them on an embarrasing wild goose chase after "liberating" huge amounts of money, weapons, and personnel:

The partners fixed and ate breakfast together while reading the newspaper.  “Who is M.O.D.?” was the headline.  The majority of the first section was dedicated to the subject in one way or another.

Sheelia finished first and called her boss.  Scott remained silently reading and eating until he heard Sheelia shriek, “You’re kidding!”

He jerked his head to face her, “What is it?”

Sheelia finished her conversation as Scott impatiently waited, then said, “More than 35,000 US troops disappeared last night, along with another few thousand ships, planes, tanks, missiles, explosives, etc.  Not surprisingly, nobody knows where any of them went.  Planes disappeared from radar, vehicles vanished from the road, and the people… nobody has a clue.  That’s not the worst though.”

Scott shrugged, “Nothing will surprise me at this point.”

“Oh yeah?  We lost over 800 field agents and a few hundred support crew, technicians, etc.  The CIA lost contact with a fourth of their operatives.  Even members of the Secret Service are missing.  Some of these people had personal transponders embedded in their bodies and they still can’t find them.  The Army and Marines have recalled all troops to defend the country.  The Air Force and Navy have ordered all ships and planes to return as well.  They’re calling up the Reserves, National Guard, and Coast Guard.”

“We’re going to war with ourselves.  Great,” Scott said lazily.


Anonymous said...

A wonderful book from two very talented authors. Definitely worth looking at.

Anonymous said...

I would suggest the book to anyone who enjoys a great suspense/thriller novel, with a futuristic twist. Author J.C.Allen writes extremely well, creating a totally believable story. The strong men and women characters are intense, passionate individuals, for whom fighting to the death might be the only option to save the world as we know it. When current politics, military forces from several countries, and high level technology collide, the end result is terrifying. The book is written so well, the story is so strong, and the author describes the details so well, it could be made into an excellent Hollywood blockbuster, right now.

Seb said...

Good to see this great thriller profiled here!

Wicked Leanore said...

This new author, J.D Allen is wowing readers! I just discovered M.O.D. and I think others will too, lookout for this new tale!!

Arthur Levine said...

Sounds very interesting. Good writing here.


mountainmama said...

Thanks for the great comments! I appreciate the kind words.

Gingerblymyer said...

M.O.D. is a great adventure into the possibilities of what we can do to change our world. Full of amazing vistas and ideas, it will start you thinking as you go on this adventure.

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