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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

From "Replacing Fiona" by Margaret Karmazin

Replacing FionaThe spirit of a 94 year old woman has reluctantly agreed to inhabit the body of a teenage suicide and is waking up in her new "vehicle"...

    She did not open the body’s eyes for some time.  It was terrifying enough to find herself inside the body, let alone looking around outside of it.  The utter confusion of remembering two lives at once was overwhelming.  For reasons unknown, the Counsel had not erased what she recalled from being Josephine Weldon.  She had assumed that they would, as they normally did for any new incarnation, but instead, she was remembering her former life and now the new details of this one stored in this body’s brain.  How was she supposed to handle all of this simultaneously?

    She groaned and understood that she was in pain - quite nasty pain, as a matter of fact.  They had a tube down her throat and what on earth were they doing?  Oh my God, what were they doing?  Her eyes flew open as she tried to cough but found she could not.

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