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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

From "Stormy Defense" by Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku

STORMY DEFENSE‘You’re extremely rude and annoying. Shoving and pushing on a cluttered train is unacceptable. You owe me an apology.’ When she had pushed him, he’d also changed position, so they now had their shoulders side by side.

   ‘If you wanted to travel in style, this was a wrong choice, man in jeans!’ she parried. Another round of good natured mirth broke out in the train.

   ‘That’s one lady with some spunk,’ cheered one seated commuter. ‘She’ll give any man a run for his good money.’ Derek was usually good natured, with a sense of humour, but this glamorously dressed, cheeky woman was rubbing him the wrong way.

   And he didn’t fancy being made a laughing stock on London’s choked, public transport. ‘Why are you so saucy?’ he queried sarcastically, unable to shake off the irritation she’d caused him. Before he could get an answer, the train door opened and she stepped onto the platform. She looked back at him, winked and swanked off in her black, stiletto high heels. Her flirty body language generated a rousing applause from the usually bored, fellow rail users and a fiery scowl from Derek.

   Derek was miffed.

   The joke was definitely on him.

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