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Monday, August 22, 2011

From "What Lies Within" by Noah Murphy

What Lies Within (K23 Detectives)Two private detectives, are trying to track a suspect behind a theft...

Orlando Dorado lived down a seemingly deserted, tall but narrow hallway. The hallway was lit dimly by flickering lights. The paint was peeling and covered with neon graffiti. The humming of machines echoed down the narrow space; smothering all other noises.

“We are going to get attacked and you are going to die,” Mordridakon said.

“Come on,” Conklin said, “this isn’t Tower Killers 4.”

They walked to the end of the hallway. Orlando’s door hung lazily open. The apartment interior was trashed.

“Orlando’s corpse has been eviscerated and will be revealed to us once we open the door all the way. You’ll be killed if you walk inside the apartment, where the killer is waiting for us.”

“I’ve solved thousands of homicides in my career and none have ever gone like that. You’ve watched too many movies.”

“I’ll wait outside just to be sure.”

“You’re acting crazy.”

“I am crazy. I have the certificate to prove it.”

Conklin grumbled, now understanding why Alfonso often had trouble with him. “Alright, wait here.”

Mordridakon leaned against a wall as Conklin walked inside.

A few seconds later, Conklin screamed as a sword pierced his stomach, lingering for a moment before cutting him in half.

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