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Monday, August 29, 2011

From "Where There Were No Innocents" by Thomas Rowe Drinkard

Where There Were No Innocents (Mack Brinson Series)Mack Brinson is listening to a Recon Team leader tell a story about his most recent mission into Laos:
He continued in almost a whisper.

“We all stopped and strained our eyes as much as we could, and saw nothing.  I couldn’t smell anything either.  You know how, sometimes you can smell the NVA bastards because of their body odor—then I did smell something nasty.  I was picturing a patrol of about ten NVA easing toward our position and felt my nerves zinging, getting ready to fight. About that time there was a big, loud ‘Whuff!’ and this damn hog came running through our position.  Big sonofabitch, probably a boar, but I didn’t have a chance to check for balls!  He didn’t do anything but snort and charge ahead, slamming through the brush right down the middle of the team’s perimeter.  I told you that our team was good! Not one guy popped a cap when he came through.  Turns out that that was really good considering what happened later. I didn’t check closely, but I’ll bet that a couple of our guys damn near pissed their pants.”

He paused and sipped again, winking broadly as he put down his glass.

“ I know I damn near had wet shorts!”

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