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Thursday, September 15, 2011

From "After Midnight" by Eryn Lockhart

After MidnightLuc’s friend discovers he’s outmatched when challenging Jacqueline to a duel...

Again and again she lunged, driving Jack backward until--with an ease that was frankly insulting-- Jack’s blade was flipped from his grasp and into the hands of his adversary.

The Valkyrie leveled both rapiers at her opponent within the blink of an eye, then stood languidly, watching. Jack slowly opened his fists, letting the half-crowns fall to the ground. The crowd exploded with cheers and huzzahs as the two duelists respectfully bowed to one another.

Jacqueline flipped her rival’s blade so that the hilt faced outward, and slowly walked over to the scullery. “Well fought, my lord, well fought.” She commented in a voice for her opponent alone as she returned the blade, and bowed once more. Then, ignoring her rival’s stunned gaze, her now drenched sleeve, and the half crowns lying in the dirt, Valkyrie turned and left the field.

“Luc,” Jack requested as they watched the masked female leave Bridges. “The next time I attempt an act of derring-do, might I suggest you place me on deck in a hurricane? I believe that would be slightly safer than depending on Valkyrie’s good graces a second time.”

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