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Thursday, September 15, 2011

From "Gleaming White" by Terra Harmony

Gleaming WhiteThe vampires reacted with a loud, synchronized hissing but did not move towards her.  Their gazes slid over her shoulder.  She didn’t have to look to know something was there; in fact, she dare not look.  Her blood forgot all other vampires, and began to ebb and flow like the tide, beating itself against her veins.

“What do you want, brethren?”  A vampire finally spoke, but he had a tremble to his voice.

“I’ve been summoned.”  His voice was like warm liquid, washing through her and back out again, taking pieces of her with it, beckoning the rest to follow.
 “No one here is in need of your assistance.”

The powerful being spoke again, “Your thoughts are not yours alone.  I heard the call for protection through your own thoughts.  I have to assume it came from the only human among us.”

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