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Thursday, September 29, 2011

From "Committed" by Brenda L. Foster

“Logan! Turn that jeep around and come home now!” Derek shouted.
“I have to go Derek! Messiah is cold and alone somewhere,” Logan said softly yet determinedly.

“Logan, I forbid you to go!” Derek was adamant but kept a cool head.
“You forbid me, Derek?” When Logan repeated what he said, he knew it didn’t matter then. She was going anyway. He cursed beneath his breath and tried a new angle.
“What about our talk?” he asked. “It’s our anniversary!” Logan’s body tensed from the annoyance of her husband’s single mindedness and for the moment she had had enough. There was a four year old kid missing in a city with several feet of snow and all he could think about was himself. She hung up and tossed her phone onto the passenger seat. When the line went dead, in frustration, Derek tossed his phone on the bed and dropped himself into his lazy boy chair. “Damn…” he moaned.

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