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Thursday, September 29, 2011

From "Chicken Feed" by Ellen Ghyll

‘How’re things with you these days?’

Paul, grabbed a grey-looking cloth and unenthusiastically began re-distributing the grease on the counter.

‘Not marvellous,’ he replied, ‘Roxi’s two months pregnant and Kelly’s four.’
There was a stunned silence.


He nodded, despairingly.

‘It’s true,’ he paused from his labours, ‘phoned me up last night, they did – both of ‘em.  One after the other.’ He examined the cloth and shook the gathered crumbs out onto the floor. ‘Just as I was thinking of cooling things off too; must be bloody psychic or something.’

Brendan gazed at him in awe.

‘Good God.’

‘Dunno how it happened either,’ he assured the assembled company, ‘honest.  I thought they’d be on the pill or something.’

Owen sipped his tea.

‘So which one of them’s your wife, then?’ he asked innocently.

Paul sighed.

‘Neither. The wife’s not pregnant.’  A more than usually lugubrious expression crossed his face. ‘At least I hope she’s bloody well not.’

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