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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

From "I'm just an ordinary girl: The Sharon Kinne Story" by James C. Hays

Sharon Kinne just put her infant daughter in her crib in the other room. She didn't want little Danna to see her father being murdered...

   Sharon entered the bedroom; James lay on his right side with his face to the wall. His snoring echoed around the room, drowning out her footsteps. She walked to the edge of the bed and reached with her left hand for the pistol. Without removing it from the pillow, she placed her thumb on the butt of the gun and her forefinger on the trigger and squeezed. She was so hyped, so scared, so excited, that she never heard the shot.

   James' body twitched and he rolled over on his back. Blood began to stain his pillow. His eyes didn't open but his face took on a contorted, agonizing expression. It was his death face. His head rolled violently from side-to-side, as though trying to shake the bullet from his brain and his mouth opened slightly, emitting gurgling sounds from deep within his throat. A thick, red froth oozed down his chin and the irregular, raspiness of his breathing caused small bubbles to form between his lips. An eerie looking bump appeared under his right eye. The skin around it stretched and turned black. Sharon ran from the room and the horror she’d just witnessed. Or, the evil she'd just perpetrated. There'd be no turning back now. Sharon Kinne signed on for keeps.

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James Hays said...

The cover shown here is an original one. I have since re-written the Kinne story and have it for sale on Kindle, Nook and Smashwords. You can find it on my website at

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