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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

From "The Red Horde: Story I" by Geltab

You three are different than all others. I have been waiting for your return for four thousand years, since the last defeat of the red horde. There was not victory only a setback, four thousand years is nothing to the red God, he was not defeated only delayed, his return was inevitable. He has been biding his time, building his strength to ensure he will complete his task this time without fail. He has no idea the power you three will bring to bear when the time is right. He thinks such power has gone from the world and he can conquer at will. We want the red God under that impression as long as possible.”

Sul was motioning the server for his fourth refill of ale already. Verg, Rega and Basner sat in stunned silence, maybe it’s the food, but no, it was the crushing news, having the weight of the world placed on your shoulders unexpectedly. The more ale Sul consumed the more he openly talked of their past, the red God, the red horde and things to come. Their heads were filled to bursting with information. They could not imagine what more there could be to learn.

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