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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

From "Mandiev" by M. T. Dismuke

Scared to death, Mary jerks away and begins pulling her arm down with all her might, and with one final tug, her wrist brutally slips down over the handle of the chrome dagger and falls limp to the side. In morbid pain, she screeches sharply as her other wrist slips down over the other hilt. Her body slowly turns, facing Phillip, as she plummets toward the bloody seal below. She cannonballs through it, shattering it into hundreds of fragments. Above her, Phillip releases his tentacles from the roof and dives down after her. The two chrome daggers reform into spheres and race down and swiftly orbit his waist, wailing with a high-pitched hum as he soars toward her.

Falling into a void of darkness, she watches him swim thr
ough the air above her. As he closes in, he extends all four tentacles outward as if to snatch her in flight. Spread open like the letter X, his body races downward with roaring speed. He lets out a high-pitched squeal, and with one final hiss, his body slams into hers. The impact stuns her, and all goes black except for the piercing ringing inside her head…

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