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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

From "Over My Head" by Marie Lamba

High school senior Sang Jumnal is in over her head when she falls for 20 year old lifeguard Cameron Cerulli:

  Bubbles foam all around me. I sink down down down.

   It’s over. I once again stare up at the lens of day above me, expecting to see that butterfly—that angel of death fluttering away. And I do see something, only it’s coming closer. I close my eyes.

   Water whooshes around me and a strong arm grabs me.

   I open my eyes. I’m soaring upward. I break through the lens, gasping and coughing.

   “Everybody get back,” Cameron yells. He hands me up to Trish, who lays me on my back.

   Cameron jumps out and kneels beside me. “Sang? Say something.”

   “Trish pushed me,” I say, my voice hoarse. My arms and legs tremble.

   “Please. She’s delirious,” Trish says.

   Cameron leans closer. “Are you okay?”

   “You saved me.”

   “Yeah,” he says, raising his eyebrows. “I guess I did.”

   I give him a thank you kiss. A mere peck. But he gets involved. At first his lips are cold and wet, but they quickly warm up. Now my heart is trembling too.

   After a long moment, he pulls back. Some of the kids around us whistle and clap. One says, “Aw, gross.”

   Cameron blinks and says, “Why don’t we continue this later?”


Anonymous said...

I love the beginning of this...and how Cameron rescues Sang. In brief words, Marie's conveys Sang's tense ordeal putting us right in the action - driving us to feel that heart pounding teen drama with intensity, and then all is right with the world again by a kiss.

Kathryn Craft said...

This definitely raises enough questions that I'd want to red more!

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