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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

From "My Troubles With Time" By Benson Grayson

I could see the weapons of the firing squad aimed directly at my chest. Involuntarily I shut my eyes as the captain gave the orders to fire. I heard the sound of the volley. My next sensation was a feeling of unnatural cold, although I experienced no pain. I wondered if this was what death felt like.

Then I seemed to hear laughing. Laughing? In Heaven? In Hell? I opened my eyes. The members of the firing squad were standing where I had last seen them, but they were convulsed with laughter.  One was laughing so hard he had dropped his rifle.

I looked down an realized why they were laughing. All my clothing had vanished. I was standing there stark naked. Kupinski’s first law had struck again!

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maynard is likable to begin with, and he learns quite a bit from his experiences. There's a bit at the end where I'd have liked to have seen an editor slap Grayson's hands and make him fix it, but this really is an enjoyable book, and I'll look forward to seeing more from him.

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