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Thursday, September 29, 2011

From "Plato's Dream" by Edward Arnold

The Memphis City Cemetery is being prepared for the Resurrection...

Wooden boards, long turned to dust, came together with names written upon them: Jerry, Carrie, David, Joshua, Christine, Jonah and hundreds more.
Its work on this section of the cemetery was not complete. The white mist continued to swirl as infant toys long turned to dust reformed. Dolls made from cloth and the husks of corn; wooden tops and carved wooden animals; rattles made from wood and many different toys decorated each grave. They were as the day they were placed by the loving hands of grieving mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and friends.

Its work on this section of the cemetery was complete. The white mist stopped swirling and expanded, moving outward from the children’s section. The mist moved up the gold staircase to the African section of the cemetery and through the opened gates to the pauper’s cemetery. The mist continued to expand, covering the entire City Cemetery. Its work on the surface was complete; all who slept had been judged.

The white mist, the breath of God, moved by the will of God, began to sink into the soil; to prepare all who slept to be awakened.

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