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Thursday, September 8, 2011

From "The R-Slips" by Rose Carter

The R-SlipsSpider sprang up, grabbed the front seat's headrest and hung from there. Slowly he climbed up and fell on the other side. He turned and lunged at the driver.

The driver screamed and his chubby face contorted in horror. He lost control of the car. The thick rays of the car's head lights veered off from the road, made a huge arc over the dense woods, danced over the big trees and slit the forest's dark interior. The car went straight to an oak tree and crashed. The tree shook and the windshield broke into pieces.
A large glass piece struck the driver's fat neck and blood leaked out. Eyes closed, the driver laid his head on the steering wheel.

Spider pulled the thick glass piece and blood spurted out.

Spider licked. How tasty!  

He was very hungry today.

Suddenly he heard a scream.

He looked up. In the car head lights, he saw a young woman standing behind the oak tree in her long white nightgown like a ghost. The lover! Her eyes bulged, and she stumbled and fell on the tree trunk.

Spider continued drinking.  It was not at all a bad day. He got a fine meal.

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