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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

From "Rift of Askrah Book 1: Fracture" by Benjamin Andrews

Rift of Askrah Book 1: FractureNihlen is confronted by his kidnappers, and a battle between them ensues inside a special room in the Draven castle...
Cal suddenly rushed forward, swinging at Nihlen. I guess telling him he was weaker was a mistake... Nihlen thought as he ducked the blow, and moved to punch Cal's stomach. Cal reached down though, and caught his arm mid-strike.

"Maybe I should give you what you gave to Han there. Sounds fitting, right?" Cal said.

Nihlen, however, jumped forward. He flipped his body up, and kicked Cal right on the bridge of the nose. Cal released his arm, and stumbled back, his hands holding his face. Not giving him a chance to recover, Nihlen continued his attack. He pummeled Cal repeatedly in the face, his punches lightning quick and powerful. He drove Cal back until he slammed into the mirrored wall, sending a large crack up the mirror. With one more punch, Nihlen slammed Cal's stomach. The force of the attack was so great, the cracked mirror shattered, raining glass on the two fighters.


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xlpharmacy said...

Rift of Askrah is a lighter, easy to follow epic fantasy. Though it's not heavy on action, it keeps to a quick pace. I thoroughly enjoyed the strong energy between the characters that pulled them all closer together, despite their differences.

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