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Thursday, September 22, 2011

From "Tainted Blood" by Nina Hobson

“Come on out Ron,” coaxed Kevin jokingly. “I’ll help you fix your bike.” 

“Okay,” answered back a voice from the dark alley to his left.  Out came the kid on his flat-tired bike moving directly under the streetlight yet somehow managing to stay cloaked by the darkness.  “I’ve got some tools over by that garbage can; we could have it fixed in no time." 

 “That’s okay I don’t need’em, I’ve got the only tool I need right here,” said Kevin as he flicked open his switchblade slowing his pace even more to savor the moment.  This time he was going to gut the boy and leave him for rat food in that alley. 

Kevin expected Ron to scream or cry or try to run but the kid did none of those things.  Instead he climbed off his bicycle and began walking towards him.  Kevin’s steps faltered and he stopped dead in his tracks.  So did the other kid; still seeming to drag the darkness along with him. 

 Something felt terribly wrong about the situation now. 

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