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Monday, September 26, 2011

From "Liberator's Ruin" by P. J. Johns

Nathaniel is introducing, Fran, his newest crewmember, to the rest of the crew of the Storm Brother

Fran suppressed a gasp when she saw him. Grekhis was a short man, barely 5 feet tall. Although rotund, he was powerfully built, his short arms and legs heavily muscled. The coveralls hid his body, but his features, though male were definitely not human. His head was covered in thick, bristly fur, and two pointed ears poked out from high up on the side of his head. His nose was snout-like, and flat against his face. Two tusks protruded from between his lips. He stared at her with little black eyes that gleamed with hidden intelligence.

No, Grekhis was not human at all.

‘I’m a Markynd,’ he supplied. ‘Don’t suppose that would be a problem, will it?’

Fran gathered herself and shook her head. ‘No, no it won’t. You just took me by surprise is all. I’ve never met a Markynd before.’

Grekhis grunted. ‘No surprise. My race tend to keep to themselves.’

‘Most humans don’t react well to Markynds, I’m afraid,’ Nathaniel added.


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