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Monday, September 12, 2011

From "Taking Chances" by Tara Manderino

Taking Chances (Inspirational Romance)Abie has bulldozed her way to sharing lunch with Tyler and his coworkers at the ranch.

Tyler leaned back in his chair, totally at ease. “I don’t do small performances.” His tone was matter of fact. It might have dissuaded a lesser person.

“Why ever not?” The words were out of her mouth before she thought to phrase it a little more diplomatically.

“It’s a rule I made some time ago,” he said. His voice was even, but she couldn’t ignore the steel underlying it. “I never do that kind of thing.”

“What’s ‘that kind of thing’?” Sure, she wanted to know because it would keep her from her goal, but she genuinely wanted to know. It made no sense to her.

“It is not open to negotiation, Ms. Halloway.”

“Of course,” Abie nodded. That didn’t mean she was finished. She turned to the young man on her right, determined to make polite conversation. All the while, one part of her brain worked on how she could convince Tyler to change his mind. She knew the man did concerts; she wasn’t asking for anything different. She had to admit he had sounded pretty final. Not that it mattered to her. Final was just an additional challenge.


Redameter said...

Good to see your book here, Tara. Great. I wish you many sales, my dear.
Love and blessings

Erin Kern said...

Great snippet. Hope it leads to tons of sales!

Carol said...

Hi, Tara. I loved this book! Wonderful rounded characters and story. Here's wishing you many sales.

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