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Monday, September 12, 2011

From "Spy Hunt in Dixie" by Max Connelly

Spy Hunt in DixieIntoxicated, the Sudanese lost reins to his brains and came to recount a very strange account.

He spoke of his company to one Monsieur Leclerc, on board a convoy from the Port of Veracruz in Mexico to the interior of the American South in the midst of the American war. The Sudanese correctly recounted the events up to the massacre of the convoy including Monsieur Leclerc, at the hands of the Union regiment. What was remarkable is that the Sudanese recounted of the marvels that he had witnessed at outskirts of Shreveport. General Abbott inquired of him of the fate of those marvels, and he told him that his son must be living lavishly out of it.

Next morning the Sudanese was in a state of utmost irritability. When Abbott re-asked him about the account of the earlier day, he denied in agitation, and then suddenly fell in fever feigning a malaria attack. The sun would not set but with Sudanese out of town, back to Khartoum.

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