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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

From "All the Wrong Reasons" by JL Paul

I did. I wanted to stay more than anything else at that moment. And if I did, I could prolong this amazingly ridiculous situation in which I’d suddenly plunged. Why not prolong the agony? Or rather, the pleasure. No need to have to face reality until the ugly rays of day smacked me in the face.

“Um, do you live here?” I asked stupidly.

When he chuckled, his breath blew my hair and tickled my ear. “No. This is Spencer’s place. I have a key. But don’t worry – this is the spare room.”

My eyes popped open and I nearly bolted upright. “Is he here? Is he coming home?”

Laughing, he released my hand to trail his fingers up my body and to my face. He stroked my cheek. “Spencer will crash at my place tonight.”

“Um, who’s Spencer?”

“The other guitarist who happens to be my cousin. Collin, the drummer, is my brother.” He propped his head with his hand, smiling at me. I melted. “My twin. Fraternal.”

“Oh, that’s um cool.” I cursed my utterly stupid, idiotic mouth. My first one-night stand and the only pillow talk I could come up with is ‘that’s cool’?

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