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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

From "Blood in the Meadows" by Dale Day

In a new condominium tower in North Las Vegas...

“Calmate, Roberto. The money makes it all worthwhile. She is young and will get over it.”

The gunman looked at his friend and didn’t say a word. He knew it would do no good. Girls meant nothing in his society, only something to be used. Their age counted little.

However, the abused girl was Roberto’s baby sister and he had looked after her from the time she lay in her crib. In addition, she looked up to him with total trust.

I have betrayed her. She will never be the same and will remember this terrible time forever.

The fact that she would have a huge amount of money for her future did not count.

How can that arrogant pig desire a baby? His wealth gives him any woman he wants. Why my little Magdalena?”
Roberto blamed himself. His Highness had ranted through the suite, demanding better food and wine. He quickly tired of the five call girls brought to him, finding them insufficient for his voracious appetitive.
And, to make matters worse, he used a great deal of the white powder, something no sane drug dealer did.

Nobody dared complain or even suggest he acted wrongly. He was, unfortunately, the only son of The Don, the heir to the drug empire. He instantly killed anybody who dared confront him or even hint at anything out of the ordinary.

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