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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

From "Area 51 (Countdown to the End of the World)" by Vincent Pet

Brad Walsh could never have thought that one day he would know the exact day and time the world would end...and start again...

Brad was beginning to understand where Barker was leading him.

“Not necessarily. One would hope that a society capable of reaching the stars would have certain ethical and moral standards that all their individuals would adhere to; although this is not always the case. Man is usually able to technologically create things that we do not yet have an ethical understanding of. Like for example, genetic engineering; this whole question of whether it is right or wrong has left us in legal and moral knots. We know how to manipulate DNA, but we have not acquired the maturity to understand the benefits or deal with the consequences yet. One would hope that a private venture that comes in contact with an alien race would have certain rules to abide to. As we all know, rules are made to be restrictive, and in life we always try to bend these in our favor to get a competitive edge.  A private venture so far away from home could in theory ignore certain principles if they felt the risk of reprisal was minimal or non-existent.”

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