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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

From "Finding Fiona" by Emily Ward

Fiona and James walked along briskly. James took a cell phone out of his pocket. After a moment, he said, “Keith, make sure no one is following us. Just trust me, okay?” He hung up and turned to Fiona. “I told you you’d be safe with Hannah.”

“How can you expect me to stay there when I know everything now? Boston is so far from here.” Fiona glanced over her shoulder toward the bank as it fell from their sight. “Is that where the lab was? I thought it was destroyed.”

“It was, but the insurance paid for some rebuilding,” James said.

“Why are you staying there?”

“I’m not. I was just there now. We’re trying to figure out if it’s safe to bring you back.”

Fiona stopped walking and glared at him. “Safe from the Alaria brothers? I looked them up, James. They’re intellectuals, not murderers.” Her previous search had brought up academic articles and news about Greg Alaria’s fertility clinic. Based on Elizabeth’s entries, they did seem persistent, but she couldn’t make the connection between the determined, slightly creepy scientists and the violent men in her nightmares.

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