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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

From "Godmachine" by Jack Thompson

Today she didn't notice the clothes at all. Today she felt annoyed and confined by the low ceiling of the shop, and smelled an unpleasant, musty odor she had never realized was there. Today was different. It was to be her last.

    She stared out through the big front picture window as Transbus 7 glided silently past the corner where she was supposed to die. She looked at her timeband. “There, it's done,” she thought, feeling an unexpectedly exhilarating sense of freedom. She cherished the feeling, if only for a brief moment, wishing it could last forever. She knew she could not hope to evade the PETs for long. The Godmachine collected a continuous stream of data from the Data Analysis Fusion Towers that covered Plixon. Her violation of her Daily Duties would be downloaded to local PETs within minutes. In what seemed to Shara like only seconds, she noticed two uniformed men approaching the store from across the boulevard.

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xl pharmacy said...

The author captured my interest and held it to the end. I ran the gamut of emotions from happiness to sadness to rage. I like this author. He shows a real understanding of people and relationships and a frightening insight into a future that is all too real for a planet like ours.

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