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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

From "Hunting the Five" by Maria Violante

Silently, she crossed her arms and slid them up her sides.  With a circular flourish, she drew out the pistol and the revolver and settled them into the ready position.

She didn't hear the click; she sensed it.  Instantly, she could see an image in her mind, the hesitant slide of a safety switch, the red dot warning that the gun was ready to fire.


Alsvior dropped to his front knees as she buried her face in his mane.  The area above him exploded in a shower of drywall and stone, the shot missing them by the smallest fraction of a second.


Alsvior jumped up and took off running.  With one swift motion, she vaulted off of his back, firing from midair towards the bullet's origin.  Before she hit the ground, she was rewarded with a scream.

Got you.

Alsvior was completing the circle.  Her hands clamped around the gun-grips, she jumped into the saddle with a gigantic springing leap.  More snake-like than human, the vault would have shocked any bystander.  "Left, sharp!" she shouted, and he turned abruptly without losing speed, spinning on his hooves in a low lean.  

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