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Thursday, October 20, 2011

From "In the Shadow of Mountains: The Lost Girls" by David George Richards

Rolf has brought the lost girls back to his cottage in the forest and is immediately hit by a barrage of questions...

“Where’s the telly?” Jemma asked.

“It’s cold in here,” Rowena said.

“Where’s the bathroom?” Jane wanted to know.

“Where’s the kitchen?” Sophia asked. “I’m hungry.”

Rolf was quickly surrounded. Karen smiled at him as he put the bucket down on the table and did his best to answer their questions.

“All that you see is all that I have,” he told them.

“What! No telly?” Jemma moaned.

Vanessa clipped her across her ear.

“Ow!” Jemma yelped, and rubbed her ear. “I was only asking!”

Rolf continued with his explanation. He pointed at the bowl and the bucket on the table. “The bathroom is here in this bowl. I have brought water so that you can wash and bathe. I will find you towels to dry with. As for food, I will get some bread and meat from the pantry. First, let me light the fire so that I can heat the house and boil some water for coffee.”

That perked up Bernice. “You have coffee?” she asked eagerly.

Sophia was more interested in the food. “Never mind that! Get the bread and the meat! Do you have anything else?”

Jemma called out, “She’ll be wanting a pizza next! Ow!”

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